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Tuscany Cheese dairy product range was introduced as part of our marketing strategy in the mid 1990’s. A range of dairy based products consisting of milk powders, butter and cream cheese complemented our range of shredded cheeses. Tuscany Cheese range of dairy products originate from a common ingredient, the highest quality dairy milk sourced from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Our dairy products are an ideal ingredient choice for Bakers, chefs and food manufacturers. The perfect cheeses for pizzas, sandwiches and other tasty foods. Halal approved and vegetarian friendly (non animal rennet).

commercial Tuscany Parmesan Cheese Shredded Pack

Tuscany Parmesan

Tuscany Parmesan Cheese is cream in colour with a mild to strong piquant aroma. Predominantly used as a topping in salads, pastas, lasagne or any other Italian dish.

Available 1kg, 2kg, 10kg

Custom sizes require minimum order quantities